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terms of service

1. payments
all payments are to be made through paypal in usd (united states dollars). payments are to be made in full once a month, preferably on the first. if necessary, we may work together to find a solution to allow for sudden, adverse changes.
2. refunds
please understand that refunds will not be issued upon request. refunds will only be given if, due to unforeseen circumstances, i am unable to deliver service to my own standards. this includes but is not limited to:
- inability to meet at scheduled times without giving the client an option to reschedule.
- inability to consistently provide services during office hours
3. communication
all professional communication will be done on email. weekly meetings are to be held on google meet, or discord based on preference. twitter and discord are acceptable alternatives for email if the issue is not urgent.
4. office hours
office hours are currently 9:30 am eastern time to 4:30 pm eastern time.
in office hours are subject to change.
6. contracts
contracts are to be written on request and will vary by clients’ needs. please contact me over email if you would like to draft contract terms.

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thank you for taking interest in me, either as a life coach or a manager! it means so much! i am extremely excited to meet you and begin working together on a better and more exciting tomorrow!

my services include

- weekly virtual meetings
- access to text based communication during office hours
- personalized productivity solutions
- time management
- creating a healthy work-life balance
- developing healthy preparation skills
- and more based on personal needs!

for more information please contact me or read my tos

about me!

hello! i'm yuuna!! im an aspiring life coach looking to work with people that want to increase their productivity! i have a background in streaming, video editing, content creation and people skills! together we can find personalized solutions for issues you may have with your workflow, personal/professional growth or work-life balance! please contact me regarding my services!

contact me!

thank you for your interest in my services! please fill out this form with your name, preferred method of contact and some general information on what you'd like to see out of your time with me! before working with me, please read my terms of service!


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From our first meeting, Yuuna has always worked hard to not only understand our content creation goals but also the ways that We find working best. She has been incredibly open and flexible to helping us not only smooth our organisation out but also to help keep that process going. Trust us, as someone with ADHD, that can be a nightmare!A firm but fair hand that We’ve always been able to reach out to with any issues, questions, or even just checking if a graphic / message looks and sounds right. If you need someone to help you develop and understand not only Twitch growth but also other platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok, and Instragram, then Yuuna has a well of knowledge that is worth tapping into!